Monday 3 July
1.00pRegistration commences
4.00pWelcomeMalcolm Coulson (moderator)
4.15p1. Introduction – Why is the Flood account scientifically and spiritually significant?Ross Grant
5:00p2. Navigating the Epistemic Traps of Scientism and FideismSven Östring
5:30pQ&AMalcolm Coulson
5:45pDedication PrayerSmall Groups
6:00pDinner Break
7:15pWorshipPhoebe Entermann
7:30pGod’s GalleryThe John 10:10 Project
7:40p3. The Biblical Flood—Local or Universal?Richard Davidson
8:15pSecure on the Spiritual RockScriptural Prayer
Tuesday 4 July
8:15aWorshipPhoebe Entermann
8:30aWelcomeDarius Jankiewicz (Moderator)
8:35a4. Exegesis of Genesis 6–9Richard Davidson
9:15a5. History of Catastrophism and UniformitarianismLeonard Brand
10:00aQ&ADarius Jankiewicz
10:30aIntroductionRoss Grant (Moderator)
10:35a6. The Colossal Nature of Past Volcanic ActivityBirgir Óskarrson
11:15a7. Rapid Large-scale Sedimentary TransportLeonard Brand
12:00pQ&ARoss Grant
2:00pIntroductionMareta Vaovasa (Moderator)
2:05p8. Flood and Biblical EschatologyJoses Imona
2:45p9. Digging for FossilsLeonard Brand
3:30pQ&AMareta Vaovasa
4:00pWorkshop Streams (1 hour repeated twice)
A. The Flood in the Creation—Fall—Re-creation MetanarrativeRichard Davidson
B. Environmentalism in the Face of Impending Global Divine JudgmentLimoni Manu
C. Ice Core Dating ModelsMichael Oard
D. Fossil Sequence in the Geological ColumnLeonard Brand
E. Human GeneticsPaul Giem
6:00pDinner Break
7:15pWorshipPhoebe Entermann
7:30pWhiter Than SnowThe John 10:10 Project
7:40p10. Ice Age ChronologyMichael Oard
8:15pSeeking Understanding through PrayerSmall Groups
Wednesday 5 July
8:15aWorshipPhoebe Entermann
8:30aWelcomeSven Östring (Moderator)
8:35a11. The Flood in the NTJoses Imona
9:15a12. A Critical Approach to Radiometric DatingPaul Giem
10:00aQ&ASven Östring
10:30aIntroductionJean Carter (moderator)
10:35a13. Paleontological Molecules and Soft TissuesSuzanne Phillips
11:15a14. Sedimentary Record and Geological TimeLeonard Brand
12:00pQ&AJean Carter
2:00pIntroductionMichael Croft (Moderator)
2:05p15. Geological Record and Phylogenetic Evolutionary TreeSuzanne Phillips
2:45p16. The Ice Age and Catastrophic Models of OriginsMichael Oard
3:30pQ&AMichael Croft
4:00pWorkshop Streams (1 hour repeated twice)
A. The Genesis Flood Narrative: Crucial Issues in the Current DebateRichard Davidson
B. Reconstructing the Antediluvian Social LandscapeStacie Hatfield
C. Carbon-14 Dating Dinosaur FossilsPaul Giem
D. Catastrophism and Plate TectonicsBirgir Óskarrson
E. A Brief Geological History of AustraliaTasman Walker
6:00pDinner Break
7:15pWorshipPhoebe Entermann
7:30pThe Elephant’s TrunkThe John 10:10 Project
7:40p17. Rapid Geological Developments in Surtsey IslandMichael Oard
8:15pSeeking Understanding through PrayerSmall Groups
Thursday 6 July
8:15aWorshipPhoebe Entermann
8:30aWelcomeRonald Stone (Moderator)
8:35a18. The Biblical Flood: God’s Response to EvilLimoni Manu
9:15a19. Flood Stories Across the GlobeStacie Hatfield
10:00aQ&ARonald Stone
10:30a20. Where to from here?Ross Grant
11:00aPack UpRonald Stone
12:00pGeological Field Trip (packed lunch provided)Tasman Walker
5:00pReturn to hotel