Dr David McClintock

Director of Education

David grew up in PNG speaking Tok Pisin as his first language, and has worked in PNG, the Solomon Islands and Fiji as well as Australia. His passion is the Bible classroom having done both Theology and Secondary Education. He has been deputy of three schools and principal of six schools, three of which were boarding schools. He has been a Conference Education Director and a Union Mission Education Director, but has stepped back full-time into his real love – the classroom – several times.

David’s PhD is in Religious Education which is indicative of his passion to learn and inspire high school students in their own relationship with God. He is happiest interacting with students and loves being in a school setting.

David and Glenda have three grown children. Ken is a teacher with his wife being a counsellor/chaplain, Brad is a teacher and computer programmer and Katrina works in Pathology.

Dr Carol M Tasker

Associate Director of Education

Carol began her educational career as a  tutor in Education at Avondale in 1976. She has taught High School in New Zealand, Western Samoa, and the Solomon Islands. Her tertiary teaching included 10 years at Pacific Adventist University (Papua New Guinea),  where she was Dean of the School of Education for six years. From 2008-2010 she and her husband lectured at the GC graduate school AIIAS located in the Philippines. As well as teaching Masters’ and Doctoral students in both the School of Education and the Theological Seminary,  she supervised a number of theses and dissertations. Off-campus lecturing assignments for AIIAS included classes in Taiwan, China, Korea, Burma, and Chile. Carol sees herself as a life-long learner, and believes that the character of the teacher has an inestimable effect on students. Her master’s degree in Family Life Education and her doctorate in Religious Education reflects her passion for healthy relationships with others and with God in all areas of life.

Mrs Liz Dunstan

Departmental Assistant

Before moving to Sydney with her husband Lee, Liz was Book Department Manager at Signs Publishing Company in Warburton for the previous seven years of their 17 year stay in that area. Before Warburton she managed the Adventist Book Centre in Adelaide, South Australia.  Before that, Lee and Liz worked in Papua New Guinea for three years – at Kambubu and Kabiufa. When Liz first arrived in Sydney, she worked at the front desk of Hills Adventist College – both at Castle Hill and at the new Kellyville campus – thus giving her an insight to the Educational world that is now such a big part of her life. Her spiritual gift is music and she is heavily involved in providing a music ministry both at Wahroonga Church and visiting around the churches with a men’s singing group.  Liz has an A.Mus.A in piano, an Advanced Diploma of Business Management and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. She has two grown sons who now have their own families thus giving Liz five grandchildren!