Our Vision

To have committed Adventist teachers, nurturing student disciplers in quality Adventist schools.


To develop Adventist educational communities of faith that promote holistic student development expressed in physical and emotional well-being, Christ-centred worship, academic excellence, caring relationships, and practical concern for others.

Objectives of Adventist Education

  • Acknowledges the living God of the Bible as the source of all wisdom and virtue.
  • Education is based on biblical principles and understandings.
  • Recognises students as complex and unique individuals created in God’s image with a purpose in life.
  • Nurtures the balanced development of the whole person.
  • Encourages a holistic perspective of faith, learning and practice, with the curriculum addressing the major needs in spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and vocational development.
  • Acknowledges the significant role of teachers as models of Christian grace, demonstrating professional competence in teaching, pastoral care and ministry.
  • Encourages excellence in all areas with diverse opportunities being provided.
  • Employs methods that are sensitive to the various abilities and needs of all, with students being engaged in tasks individually and collaboratively.
  • Regards discipline as the development of self-management and values-based decision-making.
  • Teaches, by example, that service to others is our highest calling.
  • Maintains a close liaison with families, the school and the Church.